At ECI we take pride in perfecting our trade. We invest heavily into the development and training of our workforce. ECI has a rigid training program to develop our new Employees through an apprenticeship program. Our more seasoned employees conduct in-house training programs to lead and teach by example. These courses are taught bi-monthly and occur on the weekends, which shows just how dedicated ECI and the employees are to training.

Overall, the program is taught and led by Darryl Fitch. Darryl carries multiple certifications which include:

  1. NCCER certified electrical instructor
  2. Authorized Osha trainer
  3. NFPA70E instructor
  4. NSC certified first aid instructor
  5. Premier certification in Occupational Safety and Health
  6. Electrical apprenticeship instructor

ECI’s Involvement with the IEC Program

Electrical Contractor Incorporated (ECI) is proud to be a member of the IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors Association) Atlanta Chapter and the National IEC and have been so for over thirty years. The IEC is an outstanding apprenticeship training program that allows contractors to send an employee through the four-year school and have him/her graduate as a certified journeyman electrician.

The apprenticeship classes meet one night a week which allows the employee to continue to work full time for the contractor throughout the four years. ECI offers to pay 100% tuition and purchase books for employees who keep his/her grades a “B” average or better and remain employed with ECI while enrolled in school. Our philosophy is to promote from within and train up our team even with those who have no experience.